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ONE DOG, HIS MAN AND HIS TRIALS - 4.95 - Marjorie Quarton

You don't have to be Irish to appreciate the humour in this autobiography of Shep the Border Collie, whose straightforward philosophy of life is constantly challenged by the amusing escapades of his human and canine farm companions.

Paperback 198 x 129mm 176 pages 1st pub 1993
ISBN 0 85236 253 6


This second edition of Eric Halsall's very popular work is an enjoyable and informative ramble through his life in the world of sheepdogs and their handlers. It contains an outstanding and broad-ranging collection of photographs, over a quarter of which are new to this edition. Pictures of the Supreme Champion sheepdogs from 1981 to 1995 are included as well as updated pedigree charts covering many famous dogs. Eric Halsall, who died in 1996, was one of Britain's best-known trials commentators, and combined a warm and personal view of the sheepdog world with his great knowledge of working dogs and their handlers.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 368 pages - 170 photographs (8 colour)
ISBN 0 85236 359 1 1st pub 1980 - 2nd edition 1996


A pictorial Who's Who of all the National champions since the 1920s. Photographs of almost all the dogs are shown; there are full pedigree and award details, and more extended articles on famous handlers and important breed lines. Barbara Carpenter has an incomparable knowledge of sheepdog pedigrees and breed lines.

Hardback 246 x 189mm 352 pages 259 photographs
ISBN 0 85236 282 X 1st pub 1994

Sheepdog Training

A WAY OF LIFE: Sheepdog Training, Handling and Trialling - 14.95 - H Glyn Jones and Barbara C Collins

This outstanding sheepdog training book has proved immensely popular since its first publication. It deals in depth with choosing a dog, first training steps, and more advanced training for farm work and nursery to International trials. A complete guide to all aspects of the sheepdog's working and competitive world drawn from the wide experience of the most thoughtful and creative of today's handlers.

Hardback 246 x 189mm 192 pages 103 photographs - 22 figures
ISBN 0 85236 166 1 1st pub 1987

These three videos by H. Glyn Jones, with additional commentary by Eric Halsall, will take the dog from the first stages of training to nursery trial standard.


COME BYE! AND AWAY! (video) - 14.95 inc VAT - Glyn Jones

Focuses on the first stages of training a young dog. Glyn Jones shows how he teaches the four basic commands and gains the dog's willing co-operation.

45 minutes Released 1991
ISBN 0 85236 233 1

THAT'LL DO! (video) - 14.95 inc VAT - Glyn Jones

Glyn next teaches the dog more specific commands and puts him through his paces as he learns to control sheep over a wide area, whilst Glyn gradually reduces command contact.

55 minutes Released 1992
ISBN 0 85236 243 9

TAKE TIME! (video) - 14.95 inc VAT - Glyn Jones

Taking the trained dog from farm work to trialling at an intensive master class for dog and handler on Glyn's farm in the scenic Welsh countryside.

55 minutes Released 1995
ISBN 0 85236 292 7

Glyn Jones is an International Supreme Champion trialist and three times brace winner of the television series 'One Man and his Dog'

Eric Halsall, who died last year, was a former presenter of the BBC TV series "One Man and His Dog" and a well-known figure in the sheepdog world.

THE BLUE RIBAND OF THE HEATHER The Supreme Champions 1906-1995 - 17.95 - E B Carpenter

The International Sheep Dog Society's Supreme Champions from 1906 to 1995, with photographs of most dogs, giving pedigrees of three generations and citing awards won. There is also information on the development of the ISDS trials, on handlers and on important competitor families such as the Longtons and the Haytons.

Hardback 246 x 189mm 160 pages 100 photographs
ISBN 0 85236 318 4 1st pub 1989 2nd edition 1996

A GUIDE TO SHEEPDOG TRIALS - 13.95 - Barbara C Collins

The first-ever guide book to over 400 sheepdog trials held regularly in Britain and Ireland. Includes full details about each trial including the event date, type, size and number of classes, prizes and facilities, together with tourist information about the locality. Exact directions to events include OS references, and there is much general information on all aspects of sheepdog trials.

'No one interested in Border Collies should be without it' Dog World

Paperback 208 x 120mm 496 pages 18 colour photographs
ISBN 0 85236 277 3 1st pub 1994