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AN INTRODUCTION TO KEEPING SHEEP (2nd edition) - 14.95 - Jane Upton and Dennis Soden

A much-acclaimed guide for those starting in sheep. This completely updated edition has been extended to include more information on the many sheep breeds to choose from, and it also covers recent UK legislation affecting the identification and transport of sheep. The contents include buying, housing, breeding and veterinary advice. The emphasis is on the essential skills that should be at every shepherd's fingertips.

Hardback 246 x 189mm 128 pages 82 colour photographs - 100 line drawings
ISBN 0 85236 332 X 1st pub 1991 - 2nd edition 1996

PREPARING SHEEP FOR SHOW (video) - 14.95 inc VAT - John Randall

John Randall, an experienced and respected showman, guides viewers through the stages of transforming sheep from their rugged outdoor clothing into show specimens of their breed. He demonstrates the progressive carding and hand trimming of a Dorset Down ram lamb and other breeds as well. He gives clear guidance on selecting show sheep and on preliminaries to trimming: washing, choosing tools and sharpening shears. He also covers correct handling and standing of sheep in the ring at a large agricultural show.

VHS Video 65 minutes Released 1996
ISBN 0 85236 329 X


A superbly detailed book which has secured its place as the standard reference for sheep farmers and veterinary surgeons throughout the world. Its wide-ranging contents broadly follow the life-cycle of the sheep and contain guidance for health care of the animal throughout its life. Fertility and breeding are discussed, along with common problems like skin parasites, foot lameness and respiratory diseases. The value of preventive medicine is stressed.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 738 pages 420 photographs (96 colour)
ISBN 0 85236 189 0 1st pub 1990

SHEEP OF THE VALES video - 15.99 - Presented by Joe Henson of the Cotswold Farm Park and scripted by Val Porter.

This video looks at native downland and lowland breeds like the Southdown, filmed in Britain and America, and the Suffolk. Then Joe Henson goes to Dorset and Wales, and also covers several European breeds now established in Britain's lowlands. He takes a look at the Merino for wool and there is a special feature on sheep dairying. In contrast, Joe Henson finally turns his attention to some primitive and rare breeds, including the Hebridean, Manx and seaweed-eating North Ronaldsay.

VHS Video approx 60 minutes Released 1996
ISBN 0 85236 366 4

SHEEP OF THE HILLS (video) - 15.99 - Presented by Joe Henson of the Cotswold Farm Park and scripted by Val Porter

Joe Henson takes us into the uplands to record a number of native British sheep breeds in their own environment. He visits some of the country's most beautiful regions: the island of St Kilda and its primitive Soays, the rugged Highlands and the Borders, the Lake District with its indigenous Herdwicks, the Yorkshire Dales and the Welsh hills. This programme looks at how the British sheep industry is organised to produce prime lamb and wool.

VHS Video 55 minutes
ISBN 0 85236 341 9 Released 1996

LAMB SURVIVAL (video) - 14.95 inc VAT - David C Henderson

Illustrates the techniques that can be used by shepherds to reduce losses from hypothermia and infection. Methods illustrated include intraperitoneal injection, the use of warming boxes, colostrum, the stomach tube and fostering.

VHS Video 84 minutes Released 1993
ISBN 0 85236 258 7

THE MODERN SHEPHERD - 14.95 - Dave Brown and Sam Meadowcroft

A useful book linking the advances in scientific techniques to the best practices in traditional husbandry, and emphasising increased lamb output as the key to improved gross margins per hectare.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 240 pages 14 photographs
ISBN 0 85236 188 2 1st pub 1989 Amended 1996

PROFITABLE SHEEP FARMING - 13.95 - M McG Cooper, R J Thomas, with G M Webster

A guide to making sheep pay, with chapters on production, breeds, nutrition, management, store lamb feeding, ewe selection and recording, profitability and basic sheep ailments.

Hardback 216 x 138mm 192 pages 9 photographs
ISBN 0 85236 117 3 1st pub 1965 5th edition 1982 - Amended 1991


This quintessential countryman's autobiography records a wealth of personal experiences dealing with farming practices in the south of England from the 1920s onwards, recalled with humour, but without undue sentiment. John Randall's real strength lies in his detailed recollections of fifty years of working with sheep, especially his yearly work cycle as a hurdled shepherd. His many championships over the years include several firsts at the 1995 Royal Show. He lives in Dorset where he is still to be seen in his highly polished leather gaiters.

Paperback 198 x 129mm 202 pages 32 photographs
ISBN 0 85236 306 0 1st pub 1995