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MACHINERY FOR HORTICULTURE (second edition) - 16.95 - Brian Bell and Stewart Cousins

The second edition of this reference work contains much new material. The diversity of horticulture and its machinery is fully catered for by sections on two- and four-wheeled tractors, cultivation, sowing, crop protection and harvesting equipment for a wide range of crops. Further chapters cover machinery for grass cutting, turf care and grounds maintenance, as well as irrigation and glasshouse equipment. The final part deals with power for horticulture and the workshop.

Hardback 246 x 189mm approx 304 pages 230 photographs - 140 figures
ISBN 0 85236 369 9 1st pub 1991 2nd edition February 1997

FARM MACHINERY -  18.50 - Brian Bell

Contains details of the latest farm machinery in current use, including tractors, cultivating and drilling equipment and harvesting machinery. Classic reference book on the subject, some 25,000 sold worldwide to date.

Hardback 246 x 189mm 336 pages 281 photographs (34 colour) 202 figures
ISBN 0 85236 319 2 1st pub 1979 4th edition 1996

CLASSIC COMBINES (video) - 15.99 inc VAT - Brian Bell, narrated by Chris Opperman

Viewers both young and old will enjoy watching Brian Bell's new video that follows 150 years of harvesting grain, from the days of the scythe to the satellite. It includes traditional harvesting methods, the mule-drawn combine of the 1840s and traces the development of the computerised combine harvester. There is rare archive footage of early harvesting machines manufactured by various American and European companies including Claas, International Harvester, Ransomes and Fisher Humphries. We are brought up-to-date with footage from John Deere, New Holland, Claas and Massey Ferguson promotional films.

VHS Video approx 60 minutes Released 1996
ISBN 0 85236 343 5

FARM WORKSHOP - 14.95 - Brian Bell

A guide to establishing and running a workshop, from planning the building and selecting tools and materials, to details of workshop techniques. Emphasis on safety throughout.

Hardback 246 x 189mm 172 pages 81 photographs 113 figures
ISBN 0 85236 237 4 1st pub 1981 2nd edition 1992 Ammended March 1997

FARM WELDING - 14.95 - Andrew Pearce

Andrew Pearce

A large-format, highly illustrated manual aimed straight at the workshop operative. The emphasis is firmly on on-farm needs, providing a practical guide to arc welding, MIG/MAG welding, gas welding/cutting and soldering. There is a section on simple blacksmithing skills.

Hardback 279 x 219mm 94 pages 170 photographs 16 figures
ISBN 0 85236 230 7 1st pub 1992 Amended March 1997

STATIONARY ENGINE REVIEW - 17.50 - Patrick Knight

The cream of stationary engine manufacturers and models selected to give a clear insight into the wide range of engines produced during their heyday. Authoritative text and a superb collections of lovingly-restored engines.

Hardback 246 x 189mm 114 pages 166 photographs (129 in colour)
ISBN 0 85236 370 2 1st pub March 1997

PLOUGHS & PLOUGHING TECHNIQUES (video) - 15.99 inc VAT - Brian Bell, Narrated by Chris Opperman

This comprehensive video is for those using modern reversible ploughs or interested in ploughing.

Beginning with a review of types and makes of multi-farrow plough, the video then moves on to look at plough parts and how to prepare and adjust a plough before work. Ploughing techniques are covered in detail, also common ploughing faults and how to rectify them.

The video concludes with the precision of match ploughing at the National Ploughing Championships.

VHS Video approx 50 minutes Released 1997
ISBN 0 85236 376 1