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HARNESSED TO THE PLOUGH (video) - 14.95 inc VAT - Roger and Cheryl Clark with Paul Heiney

This highly acclaimed video shows the working year of Roger and Cheryl Clark, whose farm uses no modern machinery unless absolutely necessary, and who work their land using horse power. Paul Heiney is shown the old farming skills: how to plough, harrow, harvest and build a haystack using the Clarks' beautiful Suffolk and Percheron horses. Set against the changing seasons of the East Anglian countryside, this superb video is a lasting reminder of a way of life seldom seen today.

VHS Video 65 minutes Released 1993
ISBN 0 85236 260 9

FIRST STEPS TO THE FURROW (video) - 14.95 inc VAT - Roger and Cheryl Clark with Paul Heiney

Paul Heiney watches the progress of Taffy, a three-year-old Suffolk Punch as he is schooled for work on Roger and Cheryl Clark's horse-powered farm. As well as explaining housing, feeding and general care, Cheryl shows something of the patience and devotion required to train an animal for work, whilst Roger gives sage advice on buying a heavy horse, and finding suitable equipment. 'A truly beautiful draft horse video' Today's Horse.

VHS Video 60 minutes Released 1995
ISBN 0 85236 288 9

THE HORSE IN HUSBANDRY - 14.95 - Jonathan Brown

A fascinating book combining over 100 period photographs with a concise text to explain the development of horse power on the land and how that system worked so well for so long.

Hardback 246 x 189mm 128 pages 121 photographs (16 colour)
ISBN 0 85236 217 X 1st pub 1991

PULLING PUNCHES - 5.95 - Paul Heiney

Paul Heiney was introduced to heavy horses whilst presenting the television series 'In at the Deep End'. His interest led to an 'apprenticeship' for one day a week for a year as a farmhand and horseman on a farm in Suffolk. This is the story of that year as he learnt the realities of traditional farm work at first-hand. A well-written and thought-provoking insight into a way of life that has almost disappeared

Paperback 198 x 129mm 200 pages 10 colour photographs 10 figures
ISBN 0 85236 283 8 1st pub 1987 1st paperback edition 1994

HOLDING THE REINS (video) - 14.95 inc VAT - John Parker with Paul Heiney

Expert coachman John Parker demonstrates basic carriage driving techniques for beginners, those needing extra tuition, and those who already have a good riding horse which they now wish to use for carriage driving. Paul Heiney is guided through all aspects of driving including choosing a horse, the right equipment to use, harnessing and fitting the shafts. 'Anyone interested in this near-compulsive activity could learn a great deal and avoid much heartache by watching this.' Eastern Daily Press.

VHS Video 73 minutes Released 1995
ISBN 0 85236 311 7

TRAINING A GENTLE GIANT (video) - 14.95 inc VAT - Tom and Cate Brewster

A highly watchable video focusing on the care and training of a young Clydesdale, Scotland's native heavy horse. Three-year-old Mickey is based at the Bandirran stables and the video follows his progress as he is schooled to join Tom and Cate Brewster's famous show team. We see him long-reining, pulling the sledge and being put on the pole for the first time in a pair. There is a look behind the scenes at the detailed preparation before a show, and finally Mickey makes his debut. Other episodes featured include timber being hauled by a Clydesdale from a Scottish forest and spectacular footage of the Dumfries and Galloway countryside.

VHS Video 70 minutes Released 1995
ISBN 0 85236 312 5


The authoritative guide to the reproductive processes of the mare and stallion. Detailed information on equine physiology is followed by practical instructions on breeding, pregnancy, birth and care of the foal. Includes chapters on infertility, AI and embryo transfer.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 450 pages 185 photographs (40 colour)
ISBN 0 85236 255 2 1st pub 1993


Lameness is one of the most common problems encountered in equine practice. This important atlas is unique in featuring almost 500 full colour illustrations that show a wide variety of conditions. It also includes notes on diagnosis and management. Case histories are followed pictorially from initial presentation through treatment to recovery. An important book for anyone with a professional interest in the care of the horse.

Hardback 126 x 194mm 208 pages 494 colour photographs and illustrations
ISBN 0 7234 1765 2 1st pub 1995 Wolfe Publications


A comprehensive reference work based on work by an international team of experts, and aimed as much at the horse owner as the veterinary surgeon. Over 1000 photographs of the highest technical quality have been chosen to help with practical diagnosis and simplify disease recognition of more than 500 equine disorders. Authoritative captions accompany each photograph, fully cross-referenced to aid differential diagnosis. An outstanding book which will prove its worth for many years to come.

Hardback 260 x 192mm 432 pages 1100 colour photographs
ISBN 0 7234 1702 4 1st pub 1994 Wolfe Publications

HORSE AND PONY AILMENTS - 14.95 - Eddie Straiton

Long established as the essential reference for every horse and pony owner, this highly illustrated book covers all the common ailments and health considerations, offering commonsense advice in a clear, readable manner.

Hardback 246 x 189mm 192 pages 389 photographs (184 colour) 24 diagrams
ISBN 0 85236 213 7 1st pub 1971 as TV Vet Horse Book - 9th edition 1992

THE TRAVELLING HORSE (video) - 15.99 inc VAT - Dylan Winter

One of the most accessible horse-trekking routes is The Ridgeway in southern-central England. In this programme, writer and broadcaster Dylan Winter and his cob Molly travel the path from Ivinghoe Beacon to Avebury Ring, explaining along their eighty mile journey the basic elements of horse trekking and encountering all the folklore of Europe's oldest roadway. Dylan shows the beginner how to choose the right horse and equipment for long- distance work, how to feed your horse and take care of yourself on the trail. He also talks with other leading long-distance riders about their techniques. Dylan's knowledge of horse trekking is as broad as his ability to entertain the viewer with interesting observations on today's Ridgeway path and on how to enjoy yourself on horseback when you decide to hit the trail.

VHS Video Approx 60 mins Released 1996
ISBN 0 85236 362 1