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ALL ABOUT GOATS - 14.95 - Lois Hetherington, J Matthews, L F Jenner

The ideal introduction to keeping goats. Includes details of breeds, housing, feeding, breeding, kidding, rearing, milking, dairy products, management and showing plus a veterinary section.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 192 pages 30 photographs (8 colour)
ISBN 0 85236 229 3 1st pub 1977 3rd edition 1992 Amended 1996

GOATS OF THE WORLD - 24.95 - Valerie Porter, with illustrations by Jake Tebbit

Over 520 breeds and types of goat are described in this important new book by Valerie Porter. The introductory chapters look at the wild relatives of the goat and trace its domestication, and cultural and commercial importance. The development of major types and breeds is assessed and is followed by a discussion of the characteristics and genetic features of the domesticated goat. The second part of the book is arranged by geographical regions of the world, with detailed descriptions of the goat breeds and types found within each area. With superb illustrations by Jake Tebbit, this book is a major contribution to the study of goat breeds worldwide, and should take pride of place on every goatkeeper's bookshelf.

Hardback 260 x 192mm approx 192 pages 20 full-page colour illustrations of over 170 breeds
ISBN 0 85236 347 8 1st pub 1996

GOAT HUSBANDRY AND HEALTH (video) - 15.99 inc VAT - Hilary Matthews

Beginners and experts alike will benefit from seeing good health and husbandry practices in action in this new video, which is a companion to Goat Breeding and Kid Rearing. Hilary Matthews begins with what to consider when buying a goat, the different breeds available, and how to house the goat safely and comfortably. A number of breeds in the UK and US are shown - Angora, British Saanen, Toggenburg, Boer, Pygmy - and the different management techniques required are discussed with their owners. Specific points such as earmarking and registration are given along with precise instructions for milking (and the right equipment to use). John Matthews performs health care procedures.

VHS Video approx 48 minutes Released 1996
ISBN 0 85236 352 4

GOAT BREEDING AND KID REARING (video) - 14.95 inc VAT - Hilary Matthews

A useful and practical video demonstrating the techniques used to breed and rear kids successfully, with the emphasis on avoiding problems by proper management. The video begins with breeding and then deals with the feeding, housing and care of the pregnant goat, and the signs of the early stages of kidding. Assisted and unassisted births are shown, and Hilary then demonstrates the best way to care for the mother and newborn kid. The common ailments of the young goat are also covered.

VHS Video 63 minutes Released 1995
ISBN 0 85236 286 2


Practical and easy to use, this is a standard veterinary reference work for all goatkeepers, containing information on the symptoms and control of all the major goat diseases. A sequence of colour photographs shows a normal kidding, and a calendar will assist in preventive medicine planning. Peter Dunn is a veterinary surgeon, goatkeeper and breeder who lives and farms in France.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 210 pages 88 photographs (32 colour) - 38 line drawings
ISBN 0 85236 279 X 1st pub 1982 3rd edition 1994

GOAT FARMING - 14.95 - Alan Mowlem

A guide to commercial goat farming which links scientific theory to practical working practice. Full details of housing and fencing, feed and nutrition, breeding, kid rearing, health and disease, milking and meat products, and fibre production.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 208 pages 42 photographs 21 figures
ISBN 0 85236 235 8 1st pub 1988 2nd edition 1992 Amended 1996