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FARM BUILDING CONSTRUCTION - 14.95 - Maurice Barnes and Clive Mander

Full of practical details on planning and aspects of building. Covers insulation, ventilation, the use of timber, corrugated sheet cladding, and electrical insulation. With sections on silo floors, water supply, pits, tanks and slurry lagoons.

Hardback 246 x 189mm 224 pages 168 photographs 128 figures
ISBN 0 85236 234 X 1st published 1986 2nd edition 1991

ORGANIC FARMING - 24.95 - Nicolas Lampkin

The leading English-language book on organic farming. In the first section organic principles are explained in detail, and the second section gives practical details for crops, livestock and marketing.

'The definitive work on organic farming' Farming News. 'The writing is clear and simple, the book is impeccably is the only significant textbook in English that embraces both the methodology and philosophy of the organic system of farming' Cognition (Canada).

Hardback 234 x 156mm 720 pages 122 photographs (28 colour)
ISBN 0 85236 191 2 1st published 1990 Amended 1994

FARM CROSSWORDS - 1.75 - Forrest Wilson

Fifty cryptic and quick crosswords with a farming theme. Compiled by Forrest Wilson from the series published in The Scottish Farmer.

Paperback 178 x 111mm 96 pages 28 line drawings
ISBN 0 85236 172 6 1st published 1987

HEALTH FOR THE FARMER - 9.95 - C F Stanford

Farmers are particularly susceptible to many allergies and ailments. Dr Stanford discusses the most common of these and how to avoid or treat them. He also covers poisons and irritants, accidents and the problems of climatic exposure.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 112 pages 1st published 1991
ISBN 0 85236 221 8


An annual guide to full-time and sandwich courses in the United Kingdom in agriculture, horticulture and associated activities. They range from the established subjects such as arable and dairy farming, to specialisations such as equine and veterinary studies, gamekeeping, fish-farming and forestry. Courses offered by some 70 specific institutions are first listed under subject heading, and qualifications (from certificate to postgraduate) and length of courses are given. A second section gives an alphabetical listing by institution, and sections are cross-referenced.

Paperback 296 x 210mm 272 pages
ISBN 0852365217 edition Jun 1999

FARM LIVESTOCK - 7.95 - Graham Boatfield

Students and newcomers to agriculture will be greatly assisted by this simple introduction to the breeding, feeding, health and management of pigs, sheep and cattle. Covers breeds and breeding, routine care and housing, animal health and disease and the production of meat. A colour section illustrating several common breeds is included.

Paperback 216 x 138mm 144 pages 12 colour photographs
ISBN 0 85236 274 9 1st published 1979 3rd edition 1994

FARM CROPS - 7.95 - Graham Boatfield

A concise outline of farm crops and crop husbandry, plus basic information on scientific principles underlying the growing of those crops. Highly recommended for students on farming and rural science courses, and newcomers to arable farming.

Paperback 216 x 138mm 144 pages 32 figures
ISBN 0 85236 129 7 1st published 1979 2nd edition 1983 - Amended 1990


For anyone concerned with the role of agriculture in Britain today, this book describes the main production activities of current British farming. The authors start with a summary of recent policy and structural changes, then deal in turn with the main enterprise types: arable, dairy, beef, sheep, pigs and poultry. A case study examines the impact of agricultural change on one location. General conclusions about various aspects - particularly the environmental and social - are drawn. Eric Carter CBE and Malcolm Stansfield have had distinguished careers in agriculture.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 144 pages 52 photographs (12 colour)
ISBN 0 85236 278 1 1st published 1994

DIRECTORY OF RURAL ORGANISATIONS - 24.95 - Elizabeth Powell and Derek Taylor

An invaluable directory of names, addresses and details of 1800 organisations that anyone connected with agriculture or the countryside needs to know about. Organisations of every size and background are included ranging from clubs and societies, government departments and pressure groups to trade and professional bodies. The topics covered include agriculture, animal health, conservation, education, food, forestry, the environment, rural crafts, livestock breeds, sports and recreation.

Paperback 297 x 210mm 320 pages 1st published May 1997
ISBN 0 85236 349 4