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BIRDS OF PREY: Management and Training video - 15.99 inc VAT - Bryan Paterson

Flying birds of prey brings a lot of satisfaction to those who have the time and commitment to manage them. Bryan Paterson guides novice Caroline Whittome through all the stages of training, from the first step of manning the bird on the fist to the moment of flying free. The pleasure of keeping birds of prey is seen alongside the more serious requirements of everyday maintenance and care. Viewers will enjoy watching a variety of birds including barn owls, buzzards, Harris hawks and Lanner falcons as they show their grace and agility in the air.

VHS Video 57minutes Released 1996
ISBN 0 85236 328 1

PROFESSIONAL FLORISTRY TECHNIQUES - 19.95 - Malcolm Ashwell and Sally Pearson

A practical manual covering the basic techniques and styles of work of the professional florist. Based on the requirements of the National Certificate in Floristry, it ranges from terms and equipment to buying materials, principles of design, working techniques, outside decorating, and the care and storage of plant material. Events such as weddings, anniversaries and funerals are also covered. An indispensable work of reference for every florist or floristry student, and a useful book for anyone seriously interested in floral arrangements.

Hardback 246 x 189mm 192 pages 85 colour photographs - 310 line drawings
ISBN 0 85236 275 7 1st pub 1995

FALLING FOR IT - 4.95 - Geoff Surtees

Determined to become a forester, sixteen-year-old Geoff Surtees began working as a woodman on a Northumbrian estate in 1959.His book is a fast-moving and humorous account of his first three years at work. He portrays his respect for the skills of his experienced colleagues and his awe of the fearsome mill saw. He describes the characters and life of the country estate as well as the wildlife in the woodlands. Geoff Surtees also bears witness to a time of transition: he started felling with crosscut saw and axe and three years later the chainsaw had begun its inevitable rise.

Paperback 198 x 129mm 224 pages 1st pub 1995
ISBN 0 85236 299 4

FERRET KEEPING (video) - 14.95 inc VAT - James Mckay

James Mckay explains all you ever wanted to know about ferret keeping and breeding. He discusses their suitability as pets, and shows how to choose a ferret, then goes on to demonstrate handling and taming, housing (outdoors and indoors), feeding and keeping them in good health. He shows how to select stock for breeding, how to care for the pregnant ferret and talks us through footage of the birth of the kits. A great introduction to ferret keeping for beginners.

VHS Video 56 minutes Released 1995
ISBN 0 85236 309 5

SEVEN CENTURIES OF THE ENGLISH WINDMILL (video) - 15.99 inc VAT - David Bent, narrated by Janet Suzman

The technology of windmills was perfected over hundreds of years, yet in this century they have quickly fallen into disrepair as the science of harnessing the wind has become largely redundant. In this documentary David Bent, windmill owner and restorer, shows the innovations that developed these windmills and recalls the people who earned their living by the turning of the sails. From the wooden post mill and the timber smock mill to the stone tower mill, this programme shows many of the windmills scattered on the hills of the Midlands, East Anglia and southern England. With narration by Janet Suzman and a look into the working lives of millwrights past and present, this video provides an insight into the dignified and often dangerous world of wind power over the seven centuries of the English windmill.

VHS Video approx 50 minutes Released 1996
ISBN 0 85236 358 3

FARMERS' FAVOURITES - 4.95  - Compiled by Sally Mitchell, foreword by Lord Plumb, introduction by Mary Berry

A cookery book full of mouthwatering recipes collected by Sally Mitchell from beneficiaries of the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution. All royalties from the book will go directly to the RABI. Each of the 137 recipes has been carefully tested, and metric and imperial measurements are given. The book is grouped into mealtime sections with a wide selection of recipes ranging from rhubarb chutney to leek and sausage pie, and from sultana and orange cake to home-made salad cream. The recipes are complemented by Mary Beck's delightful illustrations of kitchen and farmyard vignettes.

Paperback 216 x 138mm 128 pages - 50 line drawings
ISBN 0 85236 340 0 1st pub 1996

AN ENGLISH COTTAGE GARDEN (video) - 14.95 inc VAT - Peggy Cole

A delightful video showing the horticultural year of Peggy Cole MBE, the gardening writer and broadcaster. Her small garden in Suffolk produces a multitude of vegetables, fruits and flowers and has been seen by thousands of visitors. Peggy shares some of her gardening secrets and shows how to get the best from plants ranging from busy lizzies to beetroot. Interspersed with her gardening advice are insights into Peggy's traditional country life, such as judging at the district flower show and helping out at the harvest festival. A wonderful gift for any gardener, with or without green fingers.

VHS Video 52 minutes Released 1994
ISBN 0 85236 285 4


Robert Bakewell pioneered line breeding and progeny testing techniques in the late 18th century. He improved many breeds of livestock, but is best remembered for his work with New Leicester sheep and with Improved Longhorn cattle which are still farmed today. Pat Stanley examines Bakewell's background, his struggles, successes and continuing legacy. Attractively illustrated with contemporary paintings and engravings.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 158 pages 40 photographs (14 colour)
ISBN 0 85236 305 2 1st published 1995


A full and satisfying life working with many different birds of prey is recalled in this fascinating book. Bob Dalton's experiences have ranged from keeping USAF bases free of domestic birds, to running falconry displays at Windsor Safari Park.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 144 pages 32 colour photographs
ISBN 0 85236 372 9 1st published April 1997

DRY STONE COUNTRY: the tradition of dry stone walling (video) - 15.99 inc VAT - Stephen Harrison with Dylan Winter

Stephen Harrison with Dylan Winter

In this video, broadcaster Dylan Winter traces the origins of stone wall building and learns the basics of walling friom a master craftsman on a course in the Yorkshire Dales. Sculptor Andy Goldsworthy also shows how he has developed dry stone walling into an art form.

The video draws on regional examples of walling, showing associated flora and fauna and the new use of walls as a garden feature. A programme to instruct and inspire.

VHS Video approx 55 minutes Released 1997
ISBN 0 85236 377 X

TIMPSON'S COUNTRY CHURCHES (video) - 14.95 inc VAT - John Timpson with Anglia Television

Drawn from the Anglia Television series of the same name, this video features a close look at some 25 English churches in the company of broadcaster John Timpson.

John searches for what is unusual or curious and interviews the people who care for the churches.

The bulk of the churches are in East Anglia, though Cumbria, Herefordhsire and Worcestershire are also represented. John Timpson, best known for his work on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, is a churchwarden in north Norfolk. His enthusiasm for churches is infectious.

VHS Video approx 75 minutes Released 1997
ISBN 0 85236 383 4

GREAT GARDENS OF THE AMERICAN WEST (video) - 15.99 inc VAT - Grahame Beakhust and Tier One Productions

The first of a pair of refreshingly unpompous videos gardening series voted Canada's best by Chatelaine magazine.

Graheme Beakhust visits eight outstanding private and public gardens in Calafornia, British Columbia and Washington, interviews their creators and delivers informative and sometimes provocative commentary.

The gardens shown include Japenese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Fransisco, Filoli Gardens, Woodside, California, and Harland Hand's Garden, El Cerrito, California.

VHS video approx 60 minutes Released 1997
ISBN 0 85236 387 7

ARTISTS AND DESIGNERS IN THE GARDEN (video) - 15.99 inc VAT - Grahame Beakhust and Tier One Productions

The theme of the second of Graheme Beakhust's lively programmes is garden design - particularly in the hands of architects and sculptors.

Gardner-artists from New Zealand, Calafornia and Toronto explain their aims to Graheme in a programme with a host of enticing gardening ideas.

The gardens shown include Claudia Ellis' Still Life Gardne, Mendocino, Calafornia, Andrew Hodge's Botanic Garden, Christchurch, New Zealand and the Harbourfront Artist's Garden, Toronto, Canada.

VHS video approx 60 minutes released 1997
ISBN 0 85236 389 3


A fresh and readable look at the growing of hedgerows as a cost-effective way to contain livestock, provide wind protection for high-quality cash crops and habitat for wildlife, identify boundaries and improve the appearance of the landscape.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 288 pages 131 photographs (24 colour) 76 figures
ISBN 0 85236 242 0 1st pub 1992