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Chickens in Your Backyard : A Beginner's Guide - Rick Luttmann

List Price: 8.53

Paperback - 157 pages (September 1976)
Rodale Press; ISBN: 0878571256

Backyard farmers interested in having a readily available source of eggs and meat are provided with nontechnical information on housing, feeding, raising and butchering chickens.

Home Poultry Keeping - Geoffrey Eley

List Price: 5.99

Paperback - 72 pages (December 1984)
A & C Black; ISBN: 0713626895

ABC of Poultry Raising : A Complete Guide for the Beginner or Expert

J. H. Florea

List Price: 5.95

Paperback - 142 pages (February 1976)
Dover Publications, Inc.; ISBN: 0486232018

Poultry House Construction

Michael Roberts (Illustrator), Sara Roadnight (Editor)

List Price: 7.00

Paperback - 92 pages (November 1997)
Domestic Fowl Research; ISBN: 0947870210

Chickens at Home

Michael Roberts, Sarah Roadnight (Illustrator)

List Price: 6.00

Paperback - 56 pages ( 1 December, 1989)
Domestic Fowl Research; ISBN: 0947870075

Poultry - Carol Twinch

List Price: 9.99

Paperback - 128 pages (26 July, 1993)
The Crowood Press; ISBN: 1852237554

Aimed at smallholders, hobbyists and enthusiasts, this book is designed to cater for the needs of those who have only limited resources, both in time and money. It offers comprehensive information on breeds, stock selection, housing and equipment, and shows how the use of controlled artificial lighting can increase egg production. Advice on breeding, health and disease make the book valuable reading to both commercial keepers and those interested in showing. Carol Twinch farms with her husband in Norfolk. With many years' experience of commercial poultry-keeping, she is the author of "Plain and Simple Egg Production", Editor of "Farming in East Anglia", and a regular contribitor to farming and smallholding magazines including "The Smallholder".

The Complete Book of Raising Livestock and Poultry - Katie Thear

List Price: 14.99

Paperback - 224 pages (12 February, 1988)
Pan; ISBN: 0330301586

Profitable Free Range Egg Production - Mick Dennett

List Price: 10.99

Hardcover - 128 pages (24 April, 1995)
The Crowood Press; ISBN: 1852238356

This title in the "Guide To Management" series, is a practical guide to producing free-range eggs for profit. Areas discussed include:
breeds and stock selection; equipment, housing and stocking densities; routine management, rearing and feeding; quality control and optimum production levels; and health care and disease. The book is illustrated throughout with photographs and line drawings.

Incubation at Home
Michael Roberts, Richard Roadnight (Editor), Sara Roadnight (Illustrator)

List Price: 6.00

Paperback - 60 pages (31 December, 1991)
Domestic Fowl Research; ISBN: 0947870164

This guide to using small incubators in the home or classroom looks at the various types of incubators, the necessary preparation and the actual incubation. It covers the sexing and rearing of the chicks, and possible problems, as well as tips for teachers and useful addresses.

Ducks and Geese - T. Bartlett

List Price: 9.99

Paperback - 110 pages (25 March, 1991)
The Crowood Press; ISBN: 1852236507

The guide to waterfowl available from one of the top breeders in the country, with photographs of the author's own birds.

The Chicken Health Handbook - Gail Damerow

List Price: 13.99

Paperback - 352 pages (June 1994)
Storey Communications Inc.; ISBN: 0882666118

Discusses the different illnesses which can attack chickens, describing their causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Poultry for Anyone - Roberts, Duchess of Devonshire

List Price: 19.99

Paperback - 142 pages ( 1 May, 1998)
Whittet Books; ISBN: 187358038X

FREE-RANGE POULTRY (2nd edition) - 16-95 Katie Thear

A completely revised and extended edition of this very popular practical guide to the free-range management of chickens on any scale, small or large. It deals with changes in governmental regulations, welfare considerations, latest research findings and the planning requirements to be dealt with when setting up a free-range unit. A new section on pure breeds, including colour photographs, traces the history and development of poultry. Chapters on land management, nutrition, breeding, rearing and health have been updated, as has the section on useful addresses.

Hardback 246 x 189mm approx 192 pages 62 photographs 46 figures
ISBN 0 85236 368 0 1st pub 1990 - 2nd edition published March 1997

FOWL PLAY - 3.95 - Emil van Beest

An 'eggstraordinary' view of poultry. You would never have believed there were so many ways to lay eggs!

Paperback 148 x 210mm 96 pages 92 cartoons 1st pub 1988
ISBN 0 85236 182 3

POULTRY AT HOME (video) - 14.95 - Victoria Roberts

A beginner's guide to poultry health and management. Victoria Roberts illustrates the various points to consider when choosing a breed, then goes on to discuss housing, handling, feeding and general care.

VHS Video 77 minutes Released 1993
ISBN 0 85236 259 5


If you have thought of keeping ducks but don't know where to begin, this video is exactly what you need. Tom Bartlett explains the practicalities of feeding, housing, the impact of ducks on a garden and the care and maintenance of a duck pond. Collecting, incubating and hatching eggs are all shown, along with care of the ducklings. Tom explains the characteristics of different breeds and their suitability for different homes and owners. We follow a young boy, Ross, to his first show, where he enters his own ducks and learns what the judges look for in a winning bird. Finally Christopher Marler shows a range of ponds suitable for domestic wildfowl.

VHS Video 47 minutes Released June 1996
ISBN 0 85236 310 9


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