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FORAGE CONSERVATION AND FEEDING (5th edition) - 16.95 - Frank Raymond & Richard Waltham

The amount of forage conserved in the UK has soared during the last ten years. The new edition of this standard reference book records the major improvements in conservation systems that have made this possible. It suggests that a better understanding of the principles of forage conservation and of animal feeding is the key to the success of economic systems of animal production.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 256 pages 57 plates 27 figures
ISBN 0 85236 350 8 1st pub 1972 - 5th edition 1996


Good grassland management is one of the essential skills for dairy, sheep and beef farmers. John Frame's comprehensive and easy-to-read book covers every grassland topic from seed production and mixtures to weed control, drainage, fertility, grazing, silage, hay, nature conservation and hill land improvement. 'The subject matter is covered thoroughly...the text is of direct use to farmers' Livestock Production Science (UK).

Hardback 234 x 156mm 352 pages 71 colour photographs
ISBN 0 85236 246 3 1st pub 1992

BEEF BREEDS OF BRITAIN (video) - 15.99 - presented by Joe Henson

In a celebration of famous breeds, Joe Henson visits the primitive 'wild' cattle of Chillingham and the splendid White Park cattle that graced many great estates. He sees magnificent Longhorns and traditional beef breeds such as the Beef Shorthorn and the Hereford, discussing their merits with their breeders. He visits top herds of Aberdeen Angus and Galloway suckler cows; high on the hills he meets Highland cattle, and out on the moors he sees weather-proof Devons. Some of the settings are breathtaking. There is also a look at how several British beef breeds have developed in North America and at some of the big Continental breeds that have become familiar in Britain recently.

VHS Video approx 70 minutes
ISBN 0 85236 342 7 Released November 1996

CATTLE AILMENTS - 14.95 - Eddie Straiton

The 'stockman's bible' gives clear, practical information. Common ailments of cattle are dealt with in sections which simplify diagnosis, and straightforward treatments are suggested. An invaluable text for every beef or dairy farmer.

Hardback 246 x 189mm 192 pages 375 photographs (259 colour)
ISBN 0 85236 250 1 1st pub 1964 as TV Vet Stock Book No.1 6th edition 1993 Amended 1995

CALVING THE COW & CARE OF THE CALF - 14.95 - Eddie Straiton

Eddie Straiton gives practical instructions for handling the cow during a simple delivery, followed by advice for dealing with the various complications that can arise. He then gives directions for caring for the young calf and advises on common health problems which are likely to occur, always being careful to distinguish situations where veterinary assistance is required.

Hardback 246 x 189mm 144 pages 349 photographs (274 colour)
ISBN 0 85236 257 9 1st pub 1965 as TV Vet Stock Book No.2 4th edition 1994 Amended 1996

DISEASES AND DISORDERS OF CATTLE - 66.00 - R W Blowey and A D Weaver

A comprehensive and highly illustrated reference work detailing the clinical features of over 370 conditions. Characteristic features are shown in close-up, and supported by an extensive text, written by experts internationally acknowledged in this field. Includes diseases and disorders found worldwide, and specimens featured include live and post- mortem animals.

Hardback 260 x 192mm 224 pages 730 colour photographs
ISBN 0 7234 1597 8 1st pub 1991 Wolfe Publications


The new 3rd edition of the indispensable book for every dairy farmer. Now in full colour with 415 colour photographs. Roger Blowey deals with the full range of cattle ailments, grouped broadly according to the age and development of the animal. Emphasises preventive medicine.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 480 pages 415 colour photographs
ISBN 0 85236 499 7 1st pub 1985 3nd edition 1999

MASTITIS CONTROL IN DAIRY HERDS - 19.95 - Roger Blowey and Peter Edmondson

No dairy farmer can afford to ignore the costs of mastitis. This timely book deals with this problem in depth. It starts with a clear account of what mastitis is, and how it is related to the structure of the teat and udder. A chapter is devoted to teat disinfection as one of the most important preventive measures, and subsequent chapters then cover the environment and mastitis, somatic cell counts and TBCs. There are details of mastitis treatments and dry cow therapy, summer mastitis and other diseases of the udder and teat such as metabolic disorders, infections and lesions. The authors aim to offer good practical information, backed up with specially prepared colour photographs and drawings.

Hardback 246 x 189mm 208 pages 122 colour photographs - 72 line drawings
ISBN 0 85236 314 1 1st pub 1995

SHOWING DAIRY CATTLE - 12.95 - Bill Telfer

A wealth of practical advice from an expert in showing. Includes information on training, housing and feeding for condition, pre-show preparation and timing, what to take to the show, clipping and grooming, how to organise yourself and how to succeed in the ring with all the major British dairy breeds. It covers cows and calves, and includes general information on different types of shows.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 80 pages 37 photographs (16 colour)
ISBN 0 85236 272 2 1st pub 1994


A comprehensive and fully illustrated guide to the causes and prevention of cattle lameness. Common foot diseases are fully described together with details of hoof anatomy, overgrowth and trimming techniques. Strongly recommended.

Hardback 246 x 189mm 96 pages 90 colour photographs - 54 colour line drawings
ISBN 0 85236 252 8 1st pub 1993

FOOTCARE IN CATTLE (video) - 14.95 - Roger Blowey

Using laboratory specimens Roger Blowey shows the anatomy of cattle feet and what happens when the hoof overgrows. He next visits a dairy farm to demonstrate hoof trimming to a novice dairy farmer who then has a chance to practise for herself.

VHS Video 55 minutes Released 1992
ISBN 0 85236 247 1

THE HERDSMAN'S BOOK - 14.95 - Malcolm Stansfield

Topics covered include general stockmanship, feeding, cow management, milking, housing, herd health, calf rearing, herd replacements, breeding, AI and bulls, preparing stock for show and sale, maintenance of machinery and equipment, records and recording.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 212 pages 103 photographs (30 colour)
ISBN 0 85236 215 3 1st pub 1983 2nd edition 1991

CALF REARING - 14.95 - Bill Thickett, Dan Mitchell

Reflects modern practice as experienced in a variety of situations, and covers housed rearing of calves to twelve weeks. Includes sections on general management, physiology, nutrition, housing and health.

Hardback 234 x 156mm 176 pages 13 photographs 40 figures
ISBN 0 85236 180 7 1st pub 1986 2nd edition 1988 Amended 1995

ANY FOOL CAN BE A DAIRY FARMER - 4.95 - James Robertson

A hilarious look at what happened when writer and self- confessed failed pig farmer James Robertson decided to turn his grass into gold via the medium of milk. His sharp observations and comical recollections will ring true with every dairy farmer.

Paperback 216 x 138mm 176 pages 7 cartoons
ISBN 0 85236 195 5 1st pub 1980